Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

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When it comes to alleged affairs or inappropriate conduct, you don’t have to look far.  You only need to look at your workplace to know that this is happening in the very place where we work.  A systematic plan for dealing with workplace harassment and romantic relationships should be in place at the workplace in order for employers to manage this aspect of employee relationships.  IT is not enough just to have a plan; employers need to enforce it.
Romantic relationships, inappropriate behavior and harassment are separated by a mere thin line.  The reason for this is that consensual relationships can turn sour. To read more about Employee Management, visit this programme. Other times, employees are compelled to enter relationships because they  believe that this is the prerequisite to success or advancement.  Some get threatened to enter into a relationship as a job requirement.
Harassment in the workplace should be prevented and corrected to protected employers and employees alike without hindering conduct outside work.
Here are some ways that this problem can be dealt with.
The first line of defense is having a solid harassment prevention policy.  This can only be effective it is identifies who is to be protected, what conduct is prohibited, and informing employees where to report problems and get help.  And, if supervisors and managers receive information or complaints from their employees, they should know what to do with it.  All employees should be given a copy of the policy and they should know whom to approach to answer their questions.  With this, the rules are in everyone’s mind.
Although harassment training is not required by law, having one in your workplace will benefit you with a defense when challenged.  There are some states where harassment training is required.
It is good if employees are trained to prevent unlawful harassment and discrimination so that the company can avoid or reduce potential damages or litigations.  Employees will then realize that this issue is taken seriously by the company.
IF there is potential conflict of interest, employers can restrict relationships.  One such relationship is that which exist between a superior and a subordinate. For more info on Employee Management, click Dealing With Allegations. Business judgment can be affected  by this relationship.  This is why many employers’ policies  discourage or prohibit relationships that can cause this conflict.
Not every relationship is harassment.  However, when relationships change, the environment can change to a hostile one.  discipline should be imposed on an employee that exhibits hostile behavior in the workplace.  Employers that act quickly to resolve employee complaints will not be in danger of losing a  case when sued by an employee.
It is to the protection of all if employees in relationships sign a consensual relationship agreement.  In this agreement, both acknowledge that their relationship will not hinder their job performance and reinforce the harassment prevention policies.
The most  important duty of an employer is to act on complaints or if he becomes aware of potential violations of its harassment prevention policy.  Employers should take every complaint seriously knowing how difficult it is to bring out. Learn more from

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